How to Recover Deleted Files From PC or Laptop?

Digital devices have become very popular nowadays. It’s quite unlikely to picture a life without them. From handling a lot of documents to playing games and watching movies, these digital devices like computers, laptops, and smartphones have gained huge popularity around the world. 

Laptops and computers are the most reliable devices for storing all the important data files, such as business documents, financial records, project reports, study material or personal data. But, what if you suddenly find that all your important files and documents are missing. You searched every drive of the computer but found nothing!

What to do now?

The one-stop solution is hiring well-reputable data recovery services providers. They have all the authentic and authoritative equipment and techniques to resolve computer-related problems in real-time. 

Here are some tips for recovering deleted files from a PC or laptop!

Table of Content

Tips for Recovering Deleted Files From PC or Laptop

  1. Recover Files From Recycle Bin
  2. Get Back Data With Command Prompt
  3. Retrieve Data Through Backup


Tips for Recovering Deleted Files From PC or Laptop

1. Recover Files From Recycle Bin

The important files and documents deleted accidentally from your computer can automatically be saved into a folder named “Recycle Bin”. By following the below steps, you can get them back: 

  • Open the “Recycle Bin” icon.
  • Find the deleted file in the folder. 
  • Right-click on the file and restore it.

2. Get Back Data With Command Prompt

Sometimes, data and hard drive recovery software fail in showing actual results. But, you can restore the data through Command Prompt. By writing some dedicated commands, this method is very effective and easy. Here are the following steps:

  • Press the “Windows” key and type “cmd” on the search box.
  • Write the command “chkdsk P: /f” and tap on the “Enter” button from the keyboard. (“P” is a letter on your hard drive.)
  • Type “ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D P:*.*” and press “Enter“. (“P” is a letter on your hard drive.)

3. Retrieve Data Through Backup 

If you already take a backup of important data, you can easily restore it if any accident happens. For storing the data, you can copy the data to an external hard drive, CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive. Here are some tips for restoring the data through backup:

  • Connect the external storage device to your laptop or PC using a USB.
  • Go to “Start” and search for “Control Panel”.
  • Find the “System and Security” and click on the “Backup your computer”.
  • Click on “Set up Backup” and tap on “Yes” for making changes to the PC.
  • Choose the drive where you want to save the backup and click “Next
  • The manual selection also provides backup and stores it to the connected devices.

To start the backup process, just hit the “Backup now” button. The completion process will take a few minutes.


The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help in retrieving your deleted files. If the previously mentioned methods didn’t work, you can take professional assistance. These professionals are highly proficient and skilled in resolving any type of PC or laptop problems. Make sure you’re giving preference to a reputable company. 

We’re professionals in repairing laptop in Singapore. Contact us if you need any help!

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